Which API should I use ?

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Posted on 2003-12-27 18:11:02 by santa
Well, it is not very simple think. There is some API functions, like SetMenuItemBitmaps, but I never make it works properly. So, the only right approach is to use owner draw menu items. BTW: This way works all HLL languages that provide images in the menu items.

You can try to write your own owner draw menu handling or you can use the Fresh standard library "gui.asm". It provides more than menu images, but also common menu-toolbars interface via so caled "actions". This library is small and will not overbloat you program.

You can see this library working in the Fresh program itself - all menus/pop-up menus/toolbars in Fresh uses the same library.

Place of the library files in Fresh directories: "include\libs\gui.asm" and "include\libs\gui.inc"

Posted on 2003-12-29 07:07:37 by JohnFound
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Posted on 2003-12-29 14:31:39 by santa