Just a quick announcement.
HLA v1.60 is now available on Webster.
You can find it on the HLA download page at

This is mainly a maintenance release. Here are some of the
changes since HLA v1.59:

* Fixed #write so that if an error occurs the error message is
written to "MsgOut" rather than to the file to which #write
is writing data.

* Modified the "-v" option to send all output to the standard
output (rather than the default of stderr).

* Fixed a problem with the parsing of response file lines to
eliminate leading and trailing whitespace from each response

* Eliminated a cascading error that occurs when you have an
undefined object in a #print or #write statement.

* Modified #print error messages to include #write in the
error messages (as #write uses the same code).

* Added the ability to print array and record constants with #print.

* Corrected a problem in args.hla stdlib code. Wasn't handling
'"' correctly on the command line.

* Corrected the definition for w.INFINITE in the w.hhf file.

* Corrected a defect in FreeValue affecting unions containing array

* Added "::" label declarations to create global labels (e.g.,
lbl:: ).

* Added support for FASM's new ALIGN directive.

* Added the "os.system" function to the HLA Standard Library.

Plus a whole bunch of other changes that I've forgotten about (mostly
minor defect corrections and documentation changes).

Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-12-29 20:06:25 by rhyde

* Added "::" label declarations to create global labels (e.g.,
lbl:: ).

Great :alright:. I was planning on requesting a feature like this.
Posted on 2003-12-29 20:48:20 by Odyssey
The full hlasetup.exe downloaded from the page installs hla.exe v1.59, not 1.60. The zip file is fine.
Posted on 2004-01-14 11:52:51 by User