Hi friends,

res2bin extracts resource datas from compiled resource files (.res) and writes them into the corresponding binary file with the .bin extension.

Using binary resource templates reduces the size of EXEs because there is no resource section in the final EXE file. Plus, this technique enables the encryption of resources much more difficult to "hack"

The usage:

res2bin rsrcfile.res

The tool outputs some information about the resources:

Resource type:Dialog OFFSET=0 SIZE=80
Resource type:Menu OFFSET=80 SIZE=3C

Here, OFFSET is the offset of each resource template in the binary file and SIZE is the size of resources. All the resource templates in the bin file follows the same order of the original .res file.

You will find also an example in the attachment.
Posted on 2004-01-01 12:43:34 by Vortex
That's great Vortex :alright: I've just uninstalled Resource Hacker, no need for it anymore :)
Posted on 2004-01-01 14:00:58 by Delight