Hi all,

WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.0 Beta 3 can be downloaded from the WinAsm Studio forum.(www.certifika.com/winasmforum )


-Menu was causing problems (no controls detected) for Dialog resources (NOT DialogEx) (Thanks Qvasimodo)
-If Menu had only ID and not name-->all menutitem IDs reset to zero (thanks Jnrz7)
-String Table can now be edited.
-Resources Table can now be edited.
-Slight changes to ListView and TreeView Bitmaps (Thanks Manos)
-#define can now hold 64 byte declaration (Thanks Qvasimodo)
-RCOptions visible/invisible on exit was not saved properly in ini
-Delete Dialogs/Controls with the delete key (Thanks Jnrz)
-On the properties list, Font, Menu,Class are now displayed for dialogs. Also class for UserControls.
-Caption/Text can be edited and changes are reflected.
-Class can be edited and changes are reflected.
-Font can be changed and changes are reflected
-Icon of ICON Controls was not saved properly
-Many improvements

Not related to the resource editor:
-Better handling when selecting from the Project tree.(Thanks Manos).
-Tools-Options Dialog made bigger and more comfortable (Thanks Manos)
-Default colors/font/etc if WinAsm.Ini is not found (Thanks Manos)


Posted on 2004-01-03 07:33:57 by akyprian