Hello earthlings! Happy NEw YEar to everyone around the world and to the 2 astraunats circling our planet! Now that internet is a dominating feature of our lives, I hope they can enjoy my greeting!

I have a little ambiguity.

I have bought an e-book online, and I am wondering if the single act of purchasing the book creates re-sell rights for me automatically, or is there have to be an actual document that officially proclaims my re-sell rights?


Posted on 2004-01-03 20:02:15 by wizard
read whatever disclaimer and contract you got with it (it should address this issue), it varies from country to country. If this doesn't help try contacting the publisher or stop by their site to read their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Posted on 2004-01-05 06:24:57 by Hiroshimator
It's called copy wright infringement.
Posted on 2004-01-05 17:55:50 by mrgone