Hi All,

I completly rewrote my FileMan (File manager program)

There should not be anymore memory leaks and the code should
be easier to follow and it assembles with Hutch's latest .lib's
and .inc's.

Some of the features:

01. Multiple views.
02. If you have two listviews displayed you can drag and drop between them.
03. A fairly fast sort for large files.
04. Find Folders.
05. Find Files.
06. Find Strings. (If you have large disks with tons of files, it might take awhile)
07. Change File associations, attributes, etc.
08, Copy, Move, Delete, and Rename files and folders and create directories.
09. Select a Folder or Folders and press the Ctrl+F4 to see the total file sizes within.
10. You can create a Shortcut to the Current Folder or Desktop.
11. I spent about a week to get the ContextMenu2 feature to work, but no luck, so I sort
--- of created my own. I have everything done except the Send To on the Contextmenu.
--- If you use PicaView it will show a thumbnail for most images when you right click on them.
--- It might work with similar view programs.
--- (If anyone has had success with the ContextMenu2 feature let me know it would save me
--- a lot of code.)

The program has been tested on Win9x, NT, and XP.

Let me know how it works.



FileMan Update

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Posted on 2004-01-05 20:55:20 by Ewayne
Couple of bugs...

(1) I saved it to my desktop, unzipped it into a directory (self titled) and ran it.
(2) full screen
(3) the right has my desktop, the left has "C:\windows\desktop\fileman*.*" (missing the back slash).
(4) This filters the desktop directory to two instances of fileman (the zip and the directory). When i double clicked into the "Fileman" directory from this window, it shows an empty directory (no correct). When i click in the the empty window, the program crashes.

Interesting work however!
Posted on 2004-01-05 23:06:05 by NaN
Sorry NaN,

I didn't try a clear the registry entry and start from scratch
after I removed the test startup paths.

It should work ok now.
The update is at the first post of this thread.

You probably should clear the following registry entry before trying again.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EW Software\FileMan V1


Posted on 2004-01-05 23:47:42 by Ewayne
Another minor bug,

The update is at the first post of this thread.


Posted on 2004-01-06 00:54:06 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne,

Thank you for updating my favorite file manager.
I have detected a minor bug: if you try to copy to A:\ and the divice is protected,
no message is returned to the user. OS - Windows 98 SE.
Have a nice day
Posted on 2004-01-06 11:11:37 by ipadilla
To ipadilla,

If you can think of any new features that would be worth while
now is the time to ask while the code is fresh in my mind.

I didn't think anyone had floppies anymore (Just kidding).

I'll check it out.


Posted on 2004-01-06 12:31:50 by Ewayne
To Ewayne,

I agreed with you that the device A: will not be very usefull in the future...
Regarding to new additions I bilieve it have all necessary. It is really good.
Posted on 2004-01-06 13:21:56 by ipadilla

I think all of the removable media issuses have been resolved.

Does anyone know an easy way to check for write protected on
a floopy drive or if there is media in a removable drive.

I think I did it the hard way.

You can go to the first post on this thread for the update.


Posted on 2004-01-07 16:01:10 by Ewayne
Hi all,

You can now drag and drop file(s), folder(s) from either Listview to the Treeview.

You can now drag and drop a folder from the Treeview to either Listview.

You can now drag and drop a folder from within the Treeview.

Plus I got rid of some unnecessary expand and collaspe of the Treeview and
some other enhancements.

Let me know if it works.

You can go to the first post on this thread for the update.


Posted on 2004-01-11 17:55:37 by Ewayne
Hi all,

See if the new update works ok coping and moving from the Listview(s)
to the Treeview and coping and moving from the Treeview to the Listview(s),
or coping and moving from within the Treeview.

I also added additional settings in the Settings dialog to show or hide the
file function message boxes.

My main problem was updating the Treeview to match the Listview(s) and
controling the mouse capture between the .dll and .exe.

There is a Readme file in the zip that shows you how to convert a copy
into a move function, plus some other things.

(I still just like two Listviews and no Treeview)

The update is at the first post on this thread.


Posted on 2004-01-15 22:03:13 by Ewayne
Hi All;

I have posted the new FileMan on my web site.

You can go to my web site for the updates at:

Read the Readme.txt file.


Posted on 2004-03-13 22:59:20 by Ewayne
Thank you Ewayne for this new update.
As customary you offer us the best of you.
I am going to check it.

Posted on 2004-03-14 08:28:36 by ipadilla
Nice program,

but when I ran it for the second time on Win2K, I got this:
Posted on 2004-03-14 10:52:23 by The SharK
To The SharK:

Strange, but I don't think FileMan has been tested on Win2k.

Could you give me more details.


Did it go belly up on open, close, or from some operation?

How many drives do you have.

Are any drives network drives.


Posted on 2004-03-14 12:10:22 by Ewayne
The messagebox popped up on open, so the program never starts up
I have two drives - no network drives.
Posted on 2004-03-14 12:19:01 by The SharK
....and the code:
Posted on 2004-03-14 12:22:18 by The SharK
To The SharK:

Do me a favor go in your registory and delete the folloing entry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EW Software\FileMan V1

Then open FileMan.

If it opens then there is something that it did not like in the registry
and we will debug that.


Posted on 2004-03-14 12:57:46 by Ewayne

IT WORKS ON Win2K, if the registry entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EW Software\FileMan V1

is DELETED :alright:

Great job Ewayne

PS. How did you come up with this solution ?
Posted on 2004-03-14 13:42:52 by The SharK
To The SharK:

Ok it opened after the registry was cleared, but will it open the second, third, etc. time
without crearing the registry?

Posted on 2004-03-14 13:50:12 by Ewayne
yes, weird enough it opens now all the time,
but I haven't tested it, when I restart my machine ?
Posted on 2004-03-14 13:53:35 by The SharK