some day's ago i patecipate to a meeting. In my town (Trieste) is starting the wirleless lan project :) It begin from the need of some guys to play lan party with small ping latency, and some radioamateurs.

I think i'll join the crew :) They show some testing at the meeting, the system seems to work very well.

The strength points seems:

1) better use DLINK 900AP+ accesspoint, with the last firmware, seems the best tested.
2) all point-to-point connections
3) directional parabolic antenna with home made irradiator used for connections, tested good connection 2,4ghz 100mw 8km.
4) no internet gateways
5) crypted transmission

A good solution seem to put the accesspoin on the roof, in a plastic box. A lan cable between PC and access-point bring in 2 wires the 12V power supply. A stabilizator near the access point keep it stable at access point power supply value. Obviously, who is between 2 guys should have 2 accesspoints or wirless network board.

we will see if it really works fine hehe :)
Posted on 2004-01-07 07:39:40 by Bit7