hi ,everyone. i have a question :
i use CreateDialogParam create a dialog in my program, the style is


but when i run it ,i can not see the dialog, include its title bar.but i can see the button and editbox which on it.why?
Posted on 2004-01-09 08:30:35 by stupid bird
Post your CreateDialogParam code so we can better help. You might be
returning the incorrect result from a system event. Also, WS_POPUP may
be the problem...
Posted on 2004-01-09 09:27:37 by Xtreme
Maybe you're always returning a nonzero value from the dialog procedure? Remember to return with eax clear when you want the message to be subject to default message processing.
Posted on 2004-01-09 12:09:37 by Sephiroth3