Pardon by my english, is very bad. I?m Spanish and I have it very forgotten
my english.

I?m inexperienced in this of assembler, I have the basics knowledge; I even
continue myself rolling with subjects of Windows (concepts and others) and
subjects of access hardware (interruptions, directions...). :sweat:

I have a hardware an external hardware (special keyboard) that sending the
data to a port (direction 340, possibly creates a COM7 to accede) created by
an expansion board that has 8 ports. The truth is that not like being able
to accede to these data, I believe that is COM1 and COM2 did not have

In the PC where this located east keyboard, is a software that is in charge
to listen to direction 340 (or possibly COM7) and depending the entrance on
data by this, executed a routine or another one, I wanted to be able to
simulate the entrance of data without ningun has been pressed button in the
keyboard. I have thought that possibly modifying the value of the variable
(direction) of the program in the memory of the possible serious PC As it
can it can do?? :confused: . Thank you very much.

Have if somebody can orient to me and with a concerted effort mine I can
make something.:)

Thank you very much again and greetings.

Posted on 2004-01-09 15:11:35 by SacamantecaS