Run app. Choose font. Choosen font in clipboard.
Copy in source. Nothing special, but save some time and more demonsrative than manual filling.
Source in RadAsm project included.
Posted on 2004-01-09 22:18:55 by The Svin
A concise well executed tool.

May we also enjoy:

include C:\radasm\SNIPLETS\MACRO\NUMBERS\numbers.asm
include C:\radasm\SNIPLETS\MACRO\OPCODES\instr.asm well?
Posted on 2004-01-09 22:49:56 by bitRAKE
Sorry for that.
It just has those macs you and I talked about awaile
You remove those "include" and copy to source the macs:

movri macro reg,imm

if (imm GT 128) or (imm LT -129)
mov reg,imm
elseif imm EQ 0
xor reg,reg
elseif (imm EQ 128)
push 127
pop reg
inc reg
elseif (imm EQ -129)
push -128
pop reg
dec reg
push imm
pop reg

movmi macro mem,imm
if imm EQ 0
and mem,0
elseif imm EQ -1
or mem,-1
elseif imm LT -128
mov mem,imm
elseif imm GT 127
mov mem,imm
push imm
pop mem
Posted on 2004-01-09 23:21:56 by The Svin
In case other of them are of interest (I doubt - 'cause I'm not a specialist in macro and quite an akward one with them)
Here are all of them:
Posted on 2004-01-09 23:27:38 by The Svin
Hi The Svin,

I like the way how your code follows. Pretty interesting to me. Anyway the marcos movri and movmi seems pretty useful. Keep up the good work.
Posted on 2004-01-10 04:55:54 by roticv