There are few special symbols in ANSI that
are usually presented in many national fonts
yet they are not accessible to type in most keyboards.
Here are couple simplest tools that make the symbols
accessible without usage of Character Map.
Press button with needed symbol and it will be placed in Clipboard.
One app. shows all symbols both accessible and unaccessible from
keyboard. Just in case - I can not be sure of all national sets,
and also I'm not sure what symbol you may need.

The second I wrote for myself and it cutted more for real work.
I desing it to use fast without even need of mouse.
It contents just a little subset of symbols and setteled topmost.
Usual use to keep it on some rarely used corner of screen, switch to
it Alt-Tab way, select button using just arrors, and pressing them using Enter.

Nothing special. But might be you can find some use of it, at least I wrote it
for myown every day work.
Sources in RadAsm projects are included.
Posted on 2004-01-10 18:09:14 by The Svin