Hello Ewayne

I make a project in my home : Diet.exe, with diet.asm file, diet.rc and diet.inc files in the repertory :
C:\masm32v1\Projects\Diet. with the version

First I put these files in a portable computer,in the same repertory, for I go on holiday
;Here I use AsmEdit v 4.07; I continue the programme planing.....

When I come back from holiday, I put these modified files in the same repertory in the home's computer
(but not the same version=5.0.01 ),I click 'Build' and I get the black window 'build' and the computer is stopped!!

I install again AsmEdit at the same place=>same result???

I stay to install again the version 4.07, here The menu 'build' do not respond.

What I do to correctly uninstall AsmEdit?
Well what I can do to correctly install again AsmEdit ?
Posted on 2004-01-11 12:49:08 by franlou