Hey I have some books, but I will not have they for much time, and the number of pages is a little big, i do a search and get some results, but I like to know if some one here know a good method that I can take in max 1 week.

Also this will not help only in this moment, I am a not a proficient reader, for today, I think I only complete 2 books (obligated by the school) :S and maybe like 2-3 by my part, but I am finding now a unexpected curiosity for read and enjoy in some way, but my skills at this area not much, this is for what I need help out.

You have some experience learning how to read more fast?, any sugestion?, link?

Have a nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-01-11 15:15:33 by rea
In my opinion, I'd just read at my own pace...Your less likely to remember the details when reading too fast. Give it chance for the information to soak in(giving learning is the objective).
Posted on 2004-01-13 17:56:06 by kevinj
Hye, I realesed that I will invert time in do some exercises for read more fast, also when you are done with read more fast, the comprension can be 'upgraded', the disctractions are less, because you have less time between frases or words, for listedn what is happening in your enviroment, etc.

Also we... or 'normal readers' have some bad habits, like sub-vocalization, reread, read word by word, not much concentration, I think in this last affect your internal like: for what i read? is boring?, etc....

Apart I can add, when I was learning how to type in the keyboard (now I use me 10 'dedos'), i remember that before I invert time in practicing this, I read some that I will try remember here:

"For a programmer is important to type fast, because you need invert time in find a solution for your problem, then you will invert time in implement the solution or write it, and the you will invert time in debug your programm, and in this part os where normally are more inversion of time. Now think that a normal programmer write 10 lines per minute, then supose that the programm is about 400 lines, then the programmer will write in 40 minutes, and will invert other 30 minutes in test his programm, if you can duplicate the lines that you write, then in 20 minutes you will terminate the same problem, and invert 30 minutes for debug, if you take this numbers, when you fimally have a programm (50 minutes in total), the other programmer, have 10 minutes that terminate the write of the programm", by the way, in that doc I read that a programmer now write fast for say... ?Hey see me!!!, i write super fast!!!!!!!!!!!, write for have more time for himself or other use, and dont lost much time.

The books that I say are above 500 pages each one, and are more than five, the degree of the problems to solve is a little high, but the theory I not think at the end is really hard to laearn, if I can do right, then I will have more time for practice and solve the problems.

By the way, now I will not read they, I will return they, and give me a chance for practice fast reading, and fast compresion, and all that imply fast reading, then I will get the books and read more, and more eficient.

I exort people try to learn how to read more fast, and give to your brain a chance :D

Also following that asm is fast, and we like to search the more fast way and learn how the 'things' work, for what not invert time in us for be more eficients, efectives, good readers?

Also I have now interst in learn the basic on ergonomy, because I dont whant feel haches in my body, by bad positions, repetitions, I dont whant to hurt more my eyes, or my hand become bad because the way that I use my mouse, etc.

Also I recomend you read a little about ergonomy, is easy like you move some thing here and there.

Have a nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-01-13 19:09:52 by rea
Posted on 2004-01-14 02:49:08 by Azrim

Some of the best that I find for read more fast, because is compact is this: http://mau.galeon.com is in spanis, but can be translated, also you can watch at the graphics and understand with they.

Also I managed to download a trial program about 35 megs!!, but I cant install, because the system that I try, is not native language (I think english, install a lot of things, of MS)... :(, I think I need some in english, if you whant try.. http://www.readfaster.com/default_horz.asp but I think that is much size :D, maybe there exist other things inside the package, also I like the first link above, because it only show some exercises, a little about how to understand and other things, and you only need a cloock, a book, and 5 to 40 minutes... ;).

Have nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-01-14 06:50:21 by rea
Hey, also I find this one http://www.dartmouth.edu/%7eacskills/success/reading.html, specially the one that say... 6 reading myths....

in some way, you can not necessary download a software or nuy a book, but instead... encourage yourself for achieve this goal!!!, try to see the adventages for yourself, follow what you fill and dont let this for later time.

Have a nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-02-06 01:06:46 by rea