Ultrano's ATC oop support is growing to support COM objects.
We are attempting to implement an example COM server using ATC.
It's early days, but everything looks positive.
It will be possible to define interfaces of classes using the same format used to define regular classes under ATC using the following directive:

class IMyClass, ,COM compatible
;IUnknown methods
;Whatever else
;Some datas

The major difference when using the COM compatible switch is that the vtable is built differently such that the IUnknown methods are first in the vtbl.
Also some COM related macros were added to ATC which allow for generic coding of the QueryInterface etc ..
This removes the need for an ObjectMap in the data segment.
Currently we are modifying Ernie's SimpleServer example to use the ATC stuff.
The aim is to simplify the building of COM stuff with a common base.
Wish us some luck :)
Posted on 2004-01-12 21:41:16 by Homer
Here's the ATC v31, theoretically it works perfectly, but I want to make macros that make the .idl source too and then publish working code. Otherwise it'd be half-done work.
Posted on 2004-01-14 10:48:34 by Ultrano
Hi guys,

posting some includes without a tutorial, some sample code or at least a readme file is possibly less than nothing and - if it is not a mistake - I wonder how you can complain about lacking interest from others.
What do you expect potential users to do? Analyze this code until everything is clear?
I understand that writing docs isnt fun, but it is unevitable for some acceptance.

Posted on 2004-01-14 14:09:55 by japheth
Hi, japheth,
ATC has documentation, and 13 complete tutorials that show all macros in action (except for the $new macro). I suppose that anyone, who has learnt tute 13, can see the additional stuff that the macros do if used with the several lines of code EvilHomer2k posted above. Ok, I guess I'm too naive to ask for moral support too. I guess I should stop asking for feedback that can give me ideas about improvements in my code. I guess I should make my open-source code unreadable and usable only by me.
Here's the incomplete code you want. I think you should read at least tute 1 - the complete package can be found in the top thread of the OOP forum.
Posted on 2004-01-14 14:36:36 by Ultrano
Thanks Ultrano,

I downloaded the code and can see it may work in the near future.

BTW: trying to compile it MASM complains about HeapAlloc/HeapFree redefined (thats because I used IExtIA.EXE tool I guess, no big issue).

I must admit also that in the first post there was a sample, but I didnt recognize it at first glance, because the .ASM extension was missing and no comment at the start of the file (and it didnt compile either)

And if you would accept a hint (no offense): its not wise to react with sarcasm at some (mild) critics.

Posted on 2004-01-15 00:19:21 by japheth