I wander where the name "Google" came from.
And if it's somehow related to googol or googolplex.
Posted on 2004-01-13 17:28:11 by The Svin
That is exactly the source of the name.

Google now has a calculator, too!
Posted on 2004-01-13 19:40:38 by bitRAKE
googol/googolplex for those wondering :)
Posted on 2004-01-14 03:51:37 by Hiroshimator
I prefer to use Knuth's up-arrow notation for very large numbers, but Conway's chained arrow notation is certainly easier to type. :)

google = 10->100
googleplex = 10->10->100
Posted on 2004-01-14 09:15:39 by bitRAKE