Posted on 2004-01-14 06:13:11 by Nguga
WIN32 full package with a RAD IDE for NASM

example :)

%include "\lab\vasm\inc\"


loccall teste,"ola amigos !"

proc teste,ola

stack opf, OPENFILENAME_size

invoke MessageBoxA , NULL,,"title1",MB_OK
invoke RtlZeroMemory, ADDR_ opf, OPENFILENAME_size
mov dword ,OPENFILENAME_size
invoke GetOpenFileName , ADDR_ opf
invoke ExitProcess,0


* ADDR_ * is a macro that outputs if used... in this case

push eax

so we can or not use :) or use the aproach of Geremy Gordon of

using only ebp ;)
Posted on 2004-01-14 20:57:42 by Nguga
Posted on 2004-01-19 03:36:54 by gad_star