If you have a titled file loaded in the editor and there is no
rap-file in the folder the menuitem is enabled.

"Create Project" opens a dialog window with options like the project
wizard. The OK button creates a project file and the project workspace
is loaded. Now you have a project.

On the other hand, if you have a titled file loaded in the editor and
there is a rap-file in the folder but the project is not opened,
the menuitem is disabled. If you try to use any of the menuitems in
Make menupopup you can enable a messegebox asking if you want to load
the project before making. This option also asks if you want to create
a project if there is no rap file in the folder. Yes opens the Project
Dialog window and the project is created and loaded befor making.

There are three options:
1) Enable the CreateProject (default on)
2) Enable request for opening a present project or createin
a project befor making (default off)
3) Enable an ifo messagebox after a project is created telling
you the possibility to add any files to the project (default off)

2.0.0 New releas
2.0.1 Project options, link line and wrong project description text
2.0.2 Makefile list file name problem from .rc file and down.
Posted on 2004-01-15 15:36:36 by minor28