What are their ports numbers?



Posted on 2004-01-16 08:16:35 by HarryTuttle
look in \windows\system32\drivers\etc\services or /etc/services .
If you're not on NT and don't have access to linux, google.

Helpyourselfish ^_^
Posted on 2004-01-16 08:24:43 by f0dder
another question is:

could I use only tcp without Ip in local arrea network?

Posted on 2004-01-16 08:59:47 by HarryTuttle
TCP without IP ?
Do you mean you dont want to use the IP protocoll at all or just dont want to give out IP`s ??

Dont know how your packets will reach their destination without any given address (IP?) since its the
first entry in the network pack - if i remember right :-P
But maybe you can find any substitute for IP`s. (Maybe Netbeui is what you need...)

Posted on 2004-01-20 01:21:37 by Ranma_at
You would have to create your own implamentation of the tcp protocol to work on whatever your underlaying network layer protocol is.
Posted on 2004-01-20 01:31:28 by ENF
it is test in the same network segment and IP is not necessary;) etherner packets have source and destination addresses
Posted on 2004-01-20 12:55:13 by HarryTuttle
You can create your own transmision protocol protocol (TCP) with raw sockets, but it wouldn't be tcp/ip since that protocol is designed to work with IP.

This might be of use to you.

How can I change the IP or TCP header of a packet?
Posted on 2004-01-20 19:30:36 by ENF
There's a bigger issue with using custom transport layer protocols if you intend to use them across the internet - ISPs often cut corners by installing cheap routers which are not really routers but glorified PLC's (programmable logic controllers) which act as rather harsh FILTERS on networks by simply refusing to pass anything that looks suspect in terms of not passing certain criteria (known as an ACL or Access Control List). Remote users on different networks probably will not have much fun throwing their "malformed packets" at a brick wall.
Posted on 2004-01-20 23:17:22 by Homer