Hi all,

This is WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.0 Beta 5

What's new:

1.Accelerator Table can now be edited.
2.User Can Choose a menu for dialogs from properties list
3.Bug not saving the accelerator IDs if Not Defined solved (Thanks Jnrz)

4.Fixed a problem with New Project dialog (Thanks jnrz)
5.WS_MAXIMIZED for MDI Child windows is now optional (Thanks Manos)
6.Sizing Dialogs or Controls mouse cursor changes accordingly (Thanks Manos)
7.A problem with Edit Controls in the resource editor is now solved.


Posted on 2004-01-17 04:43:47 by akyprian
Very good.

But you forgot to include ComboX control.
Also,you have to replace the boolean properties
with flat comboX.

Posted on 2004-01-18 01:16:58 by Anonymous
Hi Manos,

Thanks for your good words. Thanks for your suggestions. Put into the ToDo List.


Posted on 2004-01-18 02:35:29 by akyprian