that's the price you pay for the priviledge of exclusive use over a name and phonetic simili. MS doesn't own his name, they don't own the word 'soft' either.

The kid clearly knew about the phonetic similarity. I highly doubt 'Soft' was the very first suffix he could think of so it's not like he wasn't free to choose another domain name. Therefore it's also clear he abuses Microsoft's name to attact more people to his own site. In other words he's indirectly profiting of Microsoft's name and their advertisement. Even if that was never his intend, Microsoft has to prevent any abuse. I don't have much sympathy for the kid, he had it coming...
Posted on 2004-01-21 06:44:30 by C0D1F1ED
phonetically, it's not even the same. You'd have to slur Mike Rowe to make it micro
Posted on 2004-01-21 06:51:18 by Hiroshimator
If I bought a pet Crow and made it a little house out of foam rubber with a desk in it could I call it My Crow's Soft Office ?:grin:
Posted on 2004-01-21 11:44:52 by donkey
yep :P

and make him a website with webcam ;)
Posted on 2004-01-21 13:04:26 by Hiroshimator
pgonetically is not a problem for me, at first look I dont see any problem in that the guy put his name, also, time a go, when I need choose a name, I also think in happend soft at end (apeend... lol), but I say, I will have info and 'escritos', not really software or some, also I whant to be like a break point, and I choise a similar....

Also like Hiro say, spoke mike rowe, you need do a lot of manipulation, in fact, people know the diference of microsoft and mikerowesoft, also I dont think that pout a name like this will PUSH people to look at his page.... maybe now for the free publicity that the mass media has ofered, and the entusiast about the name of ms, when I see the tittle of this thread... I skeep in this days much more than one time, I do a lot of search.... this days, and I find this thread more than 3 times (maybe more), the name "Mike-Rowe-Soft", dont make me any sense,and dont push me open this thread!!!!!, the curiosity come only for see if was a flame soft... like some anterior about the one thatcopy the disck... or do 'backups'

Then I really dont see any problem in that name...... he dont push nothing, even if he know the vocalization, sure you are not ok of your mind if you think that mike ... soft is the same that MicroSoft.
Posted on 2004-01-21 14:03:07 by rea
Well, the deal is done :

Posted on 2004-01-23 21:30:46 by donkey
Posted on 2004-01-24 16:15:24 by Xanatose