Pardon by my english, is very bad. I?m Spanish and I have it very forgotten
my english.

I?m quite new in this of the ASM and have a doubt with certain subject. Although it is not related to assembler, is enough similar; pardon if it bothers is somebody, nonwise where to put it. I have a Intel microprocessor 80C188 (INTEL 188 DATASHEET) and I have not found a program assembler for this microprocessor. I have thought about trying to do one to me, although I do not have idea to make a compiler, with a little equal aid I can obtain it or know like program one.

Also it wanted to know like making a disassembler, since I have a file bin with a program of a size of 256 and wanted to know but or as this less made to make one similar (I do not want pirated nothing, nor is legal what I want to do; it is for purifying a program). Thank you very much.

Posted on 2004-01-20 15:10:45 by SacamantecaS
Under DOS you can use program "Debug.exe". It has an excellent mini-assembler/disassembler and really everything you could ask for. Good choice of processor, I really like that one. Yeah the instruction is the same as the Pentium core which is the original 8088 so your in good shape. The 80L188EB is my favorite because it is 3.3V and has built in serial port. You may want to consider that one. I have a group of programs that I wrote for that processor which would enable you to send programs from the PC to the 80188 so you can try them out in ram before burning them to Flash. Of coarse I was using a particular OPTREX dot matrix LCD display. If you like you can atleast debug them and see how it's done so I would be happy to share. I'm just thrilled to see some one chose that powerful tiny Quad Flat Pack over that horrible 8051. I hate that chip!
Posted on 2004-01-21 11:00:11 by mrgone