Has anyone here used CrystalSpace or Genesis3D? Wouldn't they be good for use with assembler? They are C api's and from what I can tell, they look liek really good engines.

I have two books by Ian O'Angell on graphics programing. One for C, and one for C++. Same book, tho, basically. I was thinking about converting some of the source code into assembly. It's not an engine, but it will render and raytrace still frames. Just for fun, because I never finish anything I start these days.

Posted on 2001-10-31 09:42:54 by _Shawn
I think changing part of the code to assembly will be an excelent learning experience of the internals of a 3d game engine. In the case of Genesis, I believe that re-doing the rendering dll in assembly will improve the performance of the whole engine.

Both API are good, but since they are done in C, I doubt you will get any performance improvement by using assembly. You also risk that any of the interfaces changes to C++ (thus having name mangling issues).
Posted on 2001-10-31 10:18:26 by dxantos