I wanted to use a data table for my algorithm. How would i do it.
is there a special way i have to set it up or would it be a better idea if i just code each little chunk. Sorry that his is horribly vague i just saw a table used in c++ and wondered how i could use it in asm. this is the c++ table i want to use

const char lookup_table[]={0xB, 0x6 ,0x11 ,0xC ,0xC ,0xE ,0x5 ,0xC ,0x10
,0xA ,0xB ,0x6 ,0xE ,0xE ,0x4 ,0xB ,0x6 ,0xE
,0xE ,0x4 ,0xB ,0x9 ,0xC ,0xB ,0xA ,0x8 ,0xA
,0xA ,0x10 ,0x8 ,0x4 ,0x6 ,0xA ,0xC ,0x10 ,0x8
,0xA, 0x4, 0x10, 00};
Posted on 2001-10-31 09:58:58 by Crackpipe2k

lookup_table db 0Bh, 06h, 011h, 0Ch, 0Ch, 0Eh, 05h, 0Ch, 010h
db 0Ah, 0Bh, 06h, 0Eh, 0Eh, 04h, 0Bh, 06h, 0Eh
db 0Eh, 04h, 0Bh, 09h, 0Ch, 0Bh, 0Ah, 08h, 0Ah
db 0Ah, 010h, 08h, 04h, 06h, 0Ah, 0Ch, 010h, 08h
db 0Ah, 04h, 010h, 00h
Posted on 2001-10-31 10:15:40 by Mirno
thanks for the help ^_^
Posted on 2001-11-01 08:32:23 by Crackpipe2k