This is not exactly win32asm related, please bare with me: I?m looking for some sort of coding excercises. All I?ve done so far basically was learning how to use the windows API in assembly syntax, but I?d like to put those instructions I?ve been reading about into use, so that I don?t forget them. There are some "Programming Chellanges" but they must have been made for computer scientists who already mastered a language. Anything easier???

Posted on 2004-01-23 07:58:16 by Lykurg
because it's sounds like you need some kind of help. Can you be more specific? Are you speaking of assembly language Pentium instruction set? You'll get all the help you need on this board. It's really a great bunch here but rather it's "easier" or hard is not a factor. Just get it done! If you want to emplement what you have been reading than start by going to Iczelion's tutorials at the top of the page and do the exercises and alter them as you see fit. Have I helped any? I sure hope so. Have a great day. :alright:
Posted on 2004-01-23 08:46:48 by mrgone
Hi mrgone,

yes I'm talking about the Pentium instruction set. About Iczelion's tutorials - yea they are great if you want learn how to use the Windows API with ASM. I did read them a while ago. But what I want is getting experience using the instruction set: coding algorithms and that stuff. And for that, small excercises would be ideal; I thought some of you might know a site with small & relatively easy programming challenges. Those few programming challenge sites that are out there feature very hard challenges that are hard enough if you try to solve them with a language you mastered and I thought, beeing a beginner in ASM, they might be a bit over my head for now. But then I might be wrong and should just tackle them, even if it takes a long time, spend my time fixing bugs and asking lots of questions here ;).

Thanks and regards,
Posted on 2004-01-24 09:12:09 by Lykurg
Then try to reconvert these WinAPI functions:


its not hard, but what expirience ... or if you cant, look at masm32 library: FillMem, and other string operations
Posted on 2004-01-24 09:28:57 by zabnik
Hello to you Lykurg

I think it's tut#2. Make urself a message box so that you can see the results of your programming. Here's some stuff I use to test results of intructions and returned parameters from API function calls.DisplayregXXX:

regXXX dd 0
dispregXXX db "regXXX= : %08x",0

buffer2 db 4096 dup(?)


jmp go


invoke wsprintf, addr buffer2,addr dispregXXX,regXXX
invoke MessageBox,0, addr buffer2,NULL,MB_OK


"right here you can test your resulsts like this" example:

mov eax,0FFFFEEEEh
xor eax,eax
mov regXXX,eax
call DisplayregXXX

end start

What ever you mov into "regXXX" will be displayed when you call "DisplayregXXX"
Now you have a basic CON device to veiw the results of your instuction testing!
Posted on 2004-01-24 20:38:23 by mrgone