Hi all,

This is a little program that can convert MP3 to WAV. It has some limitations :

- support only MPEG I Layer 3 file
- doesn't support intensity stereo
- doesn't support free bitrate
- no CRC checking
- very limited gui
- not very robust

To use it, open a file and wait. If you are lucky, a wav file will be generated in the same directory as the mp3 file.

It was written with the help of the ISO source code and the MAD decoder by Rob Leslie.
The program is very slow because it uses the FPU only and all the matrix operations are not optimized. It also uses file mapping to read the file and I think they are slower than normal files. They also increase the memory usage.

I hope you will find it interesting. A VC++ project is included. It will crash very often so use at your own risk :)
Posted on 2004-01-25 17:06:01 by Dr. Manhattan