If I type this from the command line

I get the message
A subdirectory or file .exe already exitss

using back slashes works fine.
Posted on 2004-01-25 21:44:31 by ENF
humm, nothing happens if I type this on the command-line on win2k. Iirc, there *is* some '/'->'\' conversion being done somewhere in windows, so this might work from a pure CreateProcess call? Even if that is the case, it's dangerous relying on forward-slash paths, though - lots of applications won't handle them, as the standard is to use backslashes.
Posted on 2004-01-26 00:25:55 by f0dder
Happens with CreateProcess too (If specified as the second arugment while first argument is NULL)seams to be infact calling the md command wich is strange considering that isn't a stand alone exe.
Posted on 2004-01-26 00:42:46 by ENF