Hi all,

This is WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.0 final. I assume that all errors have been fixed and many requests have been implemented. Of course my ToDo list is endless!

What's new:
-Better behaviour of the custom ComboBoxes on the properties list.

-A bug with the Accelrator Dialog is fixed.

-A Virtual combo for Images on the properties list.

-Change Image for control after selecting from the combo above.

-Better handling and placement of buttons on the properties list.

-Relative path is saved for resources(Thanks thomasantony)

-A cursor problem of the Project Explorer fixed.

-Resources dialog improvements.

-Added Combo for Visible:TRUE/FALSE (Thanks Manos)

-The Change of a control/dialog name was not reflected to the Dialogs/Controls tree(Thanks Jnrz)

-When 2 or more controls were moved at the same time, did not refresh correctly sometimes and wierd lines appeared (Thanks Jnrz)

-Now name of image (instead of ID) is shown (if there is a name) in the properties list.

-Resources Table: ID Edit box now accepts only numbers.

-If a docking window was floating and user is moving it, right clicking should not pop up context menu. Also weird lines stayed on the screen

-Left,Right,Up,Down arrows now move ALL selected controls (Thanks Jnrz)

-Left,Right,Up,Down arrows while Shift is pressed now increase/decrease width/height of ALL selected controls (Thanks Jnrz)

-Send To Back/Bring To Front a control is now reflected in the script to be saved and its position on the Dialogs/Controls Tree (Thanks Bi_Dark)

-Various improvements/optimizations.


Posted on 2004-01-27 09:00:07 by akyprian