I started to translate Iczelion tutorials in 2001. Unfortunatelly after the 9'th tutorial, my job and final exams for the college, keep me away from the translation. Any way, here is romanian version (it may have mistakes and typo): http://www.geocities.com/scarpelius/icz/indexrom.htm
If you think you could use it, then I'm glad I could help.
Posted on 2004-01-27 14:00:28 by scarpelius
thx scarpelius, I'll try to make it into our current format this week-end :)
Posted on 2004-01-27 15:58:05 by Hiroshimator
Please wait.
I've read it again and there is much to fix. There are a lot of typo and some of those phrases sound really bad. I guess I was to entusiast when I made this translation and very eager to make me a site.
I'll try to fixit and also put it into your format.
And in the limit of my time to continue translation.
Posted on 2004-01-30 10:37:38 by scarpelius
I think I have a problem with your layout. I have tried to replace the text for the first tutorial and I run into some trouble. For example in english:
PASCAL calling convention is the reverse of C calling convention. It passes parameters from left to right and the callee is responsible for the stack balancing after the call.

and in romanian the PASCAL word is not the first word in the sentence:
Conventia de tip PASCAL este inversa conventiei de tip C. Transmite parametrii de la stinga la dreapta iar refacerea stivei revine apelatului.

the same for C.
Posted on 2004-01-30 11:32:51 by scarpelius
Any way here is the first tutorial.
Posted on 2004-01-30 11:37:45 by scarpelius
Number 2
Posted on 2004-01-31 02:39:37 by scarpelius
am aruncat o privire si sunt foarte bine facute, felicitari!

(that's romanian hehe)

numai bine
Posted on 2004-01-31 11:27:13 by DZA
I'll check them out. (sorry for the delay but I decided to defrag my hD in DOS and it took more than 48 hours :mad: )
Posted on 2004-02-02 02:54:40 by Hiroshimator
48 hours? That's a loooong time. Are you sure you want to keep that HDD?

Ok, this is the third tutorial.

DZA: thanks man. If you could read it more carrefully it will help me. I read it twice, but in my experience, this is not enough.:)
Posted on 2004-02-02 15:31:31 by scarpelius
e misto ce ai facut...felicitari
Posted on 2004-02-18 08:38:25 by p3dr0
Hmmmm "Pictand cu text" OMG ;)

That is why i think everybody should learn English and this damn planet should use only ONE single simple language :grin:
Posted on 2004-02-18 09:58:45 by BogdanOntanu
Mersi p3dr0 .
Bogdan, you think wrong. Why not learn asm instead of english?
Posted on 2004-02-19 15:42:57 by scarpelius
pff sorry about all the delays on this thing i'm trying to get into contact for the general speed of the site. that's priority :(

On a brighter note, I landed a job :)
Posted on 2004-03-03 17:14:14 by Hiroshimator

Do not get me wrong...
You did a great job :)

However this planet needs a single language and English is the most simple one.

Besides in the process of translation information is inevitably lost and/or its meanning is altered in subtle ways...

How do you translate GDI or HDD or Bitmap, or Pointer or File or Folder or RAM ...etc etc...

I know that i am right, but i guess mankind is still waiting for something...
Posted on 2004-03-03 20:37:41 by BogdanOntanu