Hi guys!

reallly nice work I must say .. all those tutorials! :-D Keep up the good work!

OK, here he goes .. :)
In Tutorial 15, when I click on 'Create new thread' in the menu .. it finishes the thread after 2 seconds already. So in Tutorial 16 .. thats gonna be a small problem since you need to test the 'Kill Thread' option :)
Unless you can navigate yourself rapidly through the menu's offcourse :P

So I modified the thread a bit .. here's my version:
ThreadProc proc uses ecx Param: DWORD

mov ecx, 600000000
push ecx
mov ecx, 10
add eax, eax
sub eax, eax
dec ecx
jz Continue1
jmp Loop2
pop ecx
dec ecx
jz Done
jmp Loop1
invoke PostMessage, hwnd, WM_FINISH, NULL, NULL
ThreadProc endp

I just added a second loop which will take the thread like 10 times longer to complete.
Hope this helps for the coders with a really fast computer :twisted:

This was tested on a 3Ghz compy.

Keep on coding!

Posted on 2004-12-23 12:49:50 by dev0wn