I hate to ask knowing that so many others have already failed at using HLA and probably asked the same question, but I cant get it to work!

I am running on Win98SE

I installed HLA using the "easy" method, HLASETUP.EXE and also I used the installer for MASM32; in the correct order. Now the instructions say that if I used
this method it should be all that is nessecary to begin running HLA.

However I can not even compile and run the HelloWorld program.

Here is the exact error:

Could not open hw.hla
Assembling: hw.asm
MASM : fatal error A1000: cannot open file : hw.asm
Could not open file 'hw.link' for linking

So whats the problem?

Thanks for any help
Posted on 2004-01-30 01:42:21 by seanwilliam

I went ahead and added the paths to the autoexec.bat even though the instructions stated to skip that if I used the HLASETUP.EXE; and also I needed
to be in the right directory, that helps....

was using c:\hla

when I needed


works now
Posted on 2004-01-30 03:02:38 by seanwilliam