I was wondering if anyone has beenable to do somthing like.. code an entire exe in masm or something that "looks" the same as most VB assemblies? Kinda would be intresting anyone know if this is possible? lol.. its really erm kinda a strange question but it would be neat if u could make somthing that looked like VB even though its not :)

May not be the "smartest" idea but I think it would be rather intresting.... :/ kinda dont want to have to have stupd dll's though :/ just make it "look" like one not that it is one just "look" like one :) would be like coding a VB app in assembly instead of VB ? lol...
Posted on 2004-01-31 01:10:09 by DevSpartacus
Ultrano's "ATC" oop macros have grown to support Dot Syntax calling convention and some work is being done to fully support COM, which is the foundation of VB. Unfortunately, there is just not enough demand for this kind of stuff around here.

An example of the dot syntax:
pcall pAppWindow.GetTrack
pcall pMP3Player.Play, eax
Posted on 2004-01-31 01:39:46 by Homer