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The title says it all. Read the story here:


Posted on 2004-01-31 09:35:46 by akyprian
so direct HW programming without talking to dirvers is BACK!

(if i understand well)
Posted on 2004-01-31 18:47:24 by HeLLoWorld
Actually I have done this a couple of years ago. The motivation was that the BT878/9 chip has so much potential (as can be found out from its bulky manual) hidden (or not exposed) by any driver available (known to me at least). I wanted also to test Visual Basic's potential with low level stuff such as memory access, DirectX (DirectDraw in this case), alternatives for boolean operations that are missing, speed (I think the results are more than satisfactory).


Posted on 2004-02-01 01:12:22 by akyprian