Hi Akyprian,
Congratulations on the new version! Very cool! I was wondering if you could consider the following feature requests:

1. A larger (wider) text field on the search/replace dialog boxes would be nice. Currently you can't enter a word longer than about 19 characters. I like using long descriptive names for labels and so forth, hence the request.

2. After completing a search another dialog box pops up stating "The specified region has been searched". According to human computer interaction theory dialog boxes interrupt the normal work flow. For instance, to search for a word the user has to stop what they are doing, open a new window (the search dialog box), enter the word they are looking for and perform the search. The normal work flow, in our case entering assembly code into the editor, is interrupted by the need to open the dialog box. Some IDE's get around this a by having a text box on the toolbar where they can enter search information. Most IDEs however use the dialog box approach A few (like Winasm Studio) pop up with another dialog box again at the conclusion of the search to pass on extra information. However in most of these cases the extra information is not of sufficient importance to justify a further disturbance to the work flow. Instead a much cooler option is detailed in Petter Heeselberg's excellent "Programming Industrial Strength Windows", namely that you have a plain static text area on the search/replace dialog box itself. When any information needs to be displayed this changes its background colour to, say, dark blue and displays the text in white. This ensures it gets the users attention but disrupts the work flow much less: there is no extra dialog box to close.

3. When clicking the 'Go All' button (is that what its called? -I'm running under Linux at the moment - I mean the third button in the series to make and link the application) if there are assembly errors it would be nice if these were captured and displayed. Currently we get a link error. Is there anyway Winasm Studio could detect an assembly error, abort the link stage and display the list of assembly errors in the output window? This would save the need to hit the 'make/assemble' button to discover what the problem is.

When there is a link error after hitting the 'Go All' button the output window doesn't popup at all and nothing is displayed. You have to manually open the output window to discover what the problem was. The only hint you get is the messagebox Winasm displays telling you it was unable to run the application. I would love it if this was changed.

Hope there is some food for thought here Akyprian.
Thanks again,
Posted on 2004-01-31 13:24:41 by andrew_k
Hi andrew_k; Glad you are back!

Thanks for your good words

2.Very descriptive! Thanks. I 'll se how to meet theory's requirements
3.Go All is supposed to capture All Errors; Assembly,Link,resource. From your post I understand that WinAsm does not detect some link errors. I 'll check it

Thanks again Andrew,

Posted on 2004-02-01 02:11:30 by akyprian