I had prgm downloaded from NET.It had both ASM code as well Resorse (*.rc).I want to change the resorce or add.My Editor is VC++ resource editor.But when i change it the resource is no more useful to compile.a resource.h and afxres.h comes into picture.

I know earlier it may not be done in VC++ that is why this prob.
Qstn :What i can do if i want to edit resorce without loosing the Power of VC++ resource editor.?
Please help
Posted on 2004-02-01 12:06:41 by zakham
Well, I think you should use an external resource editor to create your resources. I suggest you to use KetilO's resource editor:


With this nice tool, you don't have to use the external "resource.h" file.
Posted on 2004-02-02 06:13:44 by Vortex

You can also use WinAsm Studio IDE . You can both edit your *.asm files and visually modify your *.rc files.


Posted on 2004-02-02 06:41:39 by akyprian
Remove "afxres.h" from your rc file, rename the original "resource.h" from the masm32 package to something more sensible ("rcconst.h" for example, for resource constants) and include that instead of afxres.h. Leave the resource.h include in the RC file, as a resource.h including constants for your resource will be generated by visual studio.

Yes, you'll probably have to manually edit the resource.rc file every time you change resources. Probably smarter to check out some of the other resource editors available when doing assembly projects.
Posted on 2004-02-02 06:53:05 by f0dder