Hi Ketil,

I can't seem to resize an RadioButton Control after doing the following:

* Create a Dialog
* Add A RadioButton
* Enlarge it to be as wide as the dialog
* Type in some text as it's Caption
* Rezise it !

I'm using Radasm w/ XP
Posted on 2004-02-01 22:16:31 by JimmyClif
Update.. Actually it rezises if I do the following:

* Create a radiobutton
* Write a caption
* Click in the dialog, to loose focus from radio button.
* Resize

All is fine!


It doesn't rezise if I do this:

* Create a radiobutton
* Write a caption
* Then Resize

The Box just stays put whatever I do afterwards. :(
Posted on 2004-02-01 22:21:02 by JimmyClif
Hi JimmyClif

A bugfix for that has recently been uploaded to my website.

Posted on 2004-02-02 03:03:01 by KetilO
Thanks... Nice you're back :)
Posted on 2004-02-03 17:28:57 by JimmyClif