Hi Ketil,

Say I have this in my Run command (project options):

0,0,MyProg.exe "http://www.nt.net/donkey/",TestScript.uds,C:\Test\

The output is:

MyProg.exe "http://www.nt.net/donkey/" "C:\RadASM\GoAsm\Projects\MyProg\TestScript.uds" "C:\Test\"

How do I stop RadASM from inserting the path in front of TestScript.uds for now I have reverted to the much simpler form:

0,0,MyProg.exe "http://www.nt.net/donkey/" "TestScript.uds" "C:\Test\"

Also the pipe (|) does not insert commas in the Run CL from what I could tell.

0,0,MyProg.exe "http://www.nt.net/donkey/"|"TestScript.uds"|"C:\Test\"

The output is:

MyProg.exe "http://www.nt.net/donkey/"|"TestScript.uds"|"C:\Test\"
Posted on 2004-02-02 13:51:45 by donkey
Hi Donkey

Maybe this will help.

Bugfix RadASM

Fixed a run command parse problen. (Did not change a | to a ,)
Fixed a "long path to templates" problem.

Fixed a GPF bug that could occur when deleting text.

Posted on 2004-02-03 07:22:59 by KetilO