i m the lucky owner of a "lynx" device:

which is a portable mp3 player with 256 mb flash mem and usb interface, and a screen and a radio and a mic and encoding capabilities.

its distributed in france by ism technologie:

but it seems to come from the corean decktron:

it has a TCC730 as main processor:

which is i think a model of the samsung calmrisc architecture, and here is a downloadable package for developping software for it i think, its called calmshine:

i would like to know if anyone has already heard of this architecture, it seems pretty new.
i would be interested in programming my device , since its flashable via usb (firmware upgrade) , but i dont want to kill it and there really is few info available it seems impossible for the moment...

if anyone could help, that d be great!
Posted on 2004-02-02 14:26:05 by HeLLoWorld