I'm currently learning assembly for a research project in class. The end result of my research is supposed to be a simple math library that will link with C/C++. I currently have 2 problems that I can't figure out. For one, the code in listing 15-20 of the AoA book, which is the assembly function that returns Hello World, doesn't even compile in HLA. I get an error, unexpected UndefID near nodisplay.

2nd, Does anybody know how to link an obj to the cpp when you compile in Visual C++.net 2002? I attemped to use cl.exe but it doesn't seem to want to run via a command line. I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me.
Posted on 2004-02-05 22:30:39 by Cuban_D
A common problem usually stems from copy/pasting from the pdf or html file. Sometimes invisible format characters come in for a ride and throw off the compiler.

Try to type in the example by hand or download the AoA code.
Posted on 2004-02-06 01:25:07 by Kain
Use "@nodisplay" instead of "nodisplay".

And grab the AoA code in electronic form off Webster at
as this will help you avoid minor problems with the
the book's code (the electronic stuff gets recompiled
every time an HLA version is released, so it usually
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-02-06 11:06:27 by rhyde
thx for the help.

after looking at the code again I realized I should have probably used my brain and remember what I had read previously out of the book about the @nodisplay, @noframe, and @noalignstack commands. I also figured out how to add an object file to link in VC.net 2002, it's as simple as adding the obj file as a resource, silly me. Thanks for all the help guys.
Posted on 2004-02-06 16:20:38 by Cuban_D