I write this short note, because visibly the next "official" pre-alpha will be delayed more than I wanted. The main reason is the big number and complexity of new features introduced since version 1.0.1B.
The most of these new features work prety well in the latest "work" version of Fresh - it is v1.0.1C.15. (you can download if from http://fresh.flatassembler.net - download section )

The news are:

- Included Decard's freshguide.chm file that explains how to write applications with
standard Fresh macro library and StrLib dynamic string library.
- New help engine that uses chm files together with hlp files to make better context sensitive help.
- New instalation "first-start" procedure, that automatically set environment variables.
- Working, (however still not very usefull) source level debugger. It allows stepping and monitoring your programm directly from source editor.
- Debuging functios: Goto address.
- Great compilation speed improvements - it uses FASM 1.51 that is times faster than older versions especially on big sources.
- Code completition - the CC list is not fixed, but it is created on the fly during compilation. So, the CC list includes all user defined symbols and all symbols from
used include files. This make CC working fine for every type of applications, DOS, Linux, Windows or MenuetOS.
Posted on 2004-02-06 08:59:34 by JohnFound