Hi friends,

I asked Pelle if the IDE from Pelles C compiler package can be used to debug Masm applications. He released a new version supporting Masm.

Pelles C compiler package can be downloaded from:


The latest IDE available from:


After installing the compiler package, unzip the file poide.zip to the directory where the binary tools are located.

Second, build the executable with the following statements (from Pelle):

ml /c /coff /Zi /Zf srcfile.asm

Also, you need to have cvpack.exe in your path.

After, run the IDE and open your executable containing the debugging information. Choose the Debug option from "Project" and the IDE will enable you source-level debugging. You can view the disassembly listing by right clicking the mouse and selectiong "Show disassembly" You can set breakpoints, view global / local variables.

Many thanks to Pelle Orinius for his nice development tools :alright:
Posted on 2004-02-08 12:59:37 by Vortex