just google and got nothing. anyone know what chip is it?
the manual just said something about KI/O. i dont understand what it mean. is it programmable or not?

Posted on 2004-02-08 20:21:01 by dion
Posted on 2004-02-09 01:35:15 by Bit7
thanks Bit7. dont think to find on the site, and to narrow the kword. btw, if u want to help me to finish a related job(KIO circuit), please pm me.
Posted on 2004-02-10 21:11:51 by dion
Dion, zilog made good pragramble pheriperals from the beginning (I am not related to zilog but z80 fan). z80-sio is one of the hard to use chip (very complicate register) in the 8-bit world. KIO is my first seen also, but its looked like packed of zliog's oldies goodies PIO/SIO/CTC in single chip (great, that what i've ever looked for).
What is job that KIO will do for you?
Posted on 2004-02-12 21:33:01 by andaman
sorry dion, i didn't experience nothing about those KIO chips, so i couldn't giive you much help :( And btw i can't find out much more time.. since i've decided to make up a new power supply. I've an old one that i've biuld many years ago. It work very bad, voltages can't be adjusted over +7/+15, no current limitation, and main switch of my house often switch off when i power up the power supply after a long period of non-usage.

So i'v e decided to
Posted on 2004-02-13 01:34:25 by Bit7