Here's the deal. I want to partition my laptop hdd to have the os on one partition and documents and such on the other partition. I also have an external hdd which even though it's usb 2.0 is causing my windows to freeze under various circumstances such as opening a second excel document. it seems that sometimes the external hdd is not meeting the data demands. I want to have my document on the internal hdd and back them up to the external one.
Is there a program that will stay in the background and every time I write a file to say the D: drive will back any changes in real time to the Z: drive?
Posted on 2004-02-09 16:53:14 by Hel
Well, that would be RAID wouldn't it. I don't know of any software to emulate RAID mirror drives but there might be a vxd somewhere. It would make your system unacceptably slow in my opinion as the RAID system uses hardware to do it, transferring this burden to software would have overhead. You are better off to get some backup software and run it in a scheduler.
Posted on 2004-02-09 18:13:15 by donkey