mm i'm trying to obtain the pause between 1 and 10msecs...
but seems that:

1) seems Sleep has a minimum value always fixed to about 10 msec, seems i can't obtain lower correct delays..
2) i've try with an asm loop, getting a Factor to emasure CPU speed, and prepared a tight asm loop for the delay. This seems to give a careful delay but seems to be a great enemy of multitasking, 99%cpu.
3) i don't know...

If anyone can givme a suggestion, thx B7
Posted on 2004-02-11 03:04:19 by Bit7
Use the High Performance Timer.
Posted on 2004-02-11 06:24:17 by Homer
QueryPerformanceFrequency() and QueryPerformanceCounter().
On some chipsets this is bugged, however.
Alternatively you can use timeGetTime() and timeBeginPeriod(1), which should work even on broken chipsets.
Both methods work on CPUs with variable clock frequency (eg laptops), unlike anything based on rdtsc or such.
Posted on 2004-02-11 07:10:48 by Henk-Jan
mm, indeed i need a method that work on all XP/2K platforms...
Posted on 2004-02-11 07:35:17 by Bit7