Hi all,

This is WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.2

What's new:

1.The gotoline dialog box now has "Extend selection" option, meaning the user can enter a line number, click the checkbox and the area of selected text is extended to that line.(Thanks andrew_k)

2.Autocomplete structs and macros.(Thanks andrew_k)

3.Project Properties dialog;painting bug (Thanks Marwin, N?cleo)

4.VK_SPACE is missing in the list of keys of accelerator dialog (Thanks thomasantony)

5.Now even if spaces or tabs before '.' the structure member lists are shown

6.edit control on properties list ES_AUTOHSCROLL (Thanks thomasantony)

7.assume esi:ptr PROCESSENTRY32
mov .Intellisense (Thanks cu.Pegasus)

8.Current Project Info exposed to Add-Ins (Thanks PhoBos). A sample Add-In is included and the updated WAAddIn.inc


Posted on 2004-02-11 05:18:22 by akyprian
Hello, very nice work!

Is it hard to add floating interactive panel which could show me my macros, structures, procs when I pointed on them. Like SourceInsight 3.5 does - very nice feature.

Good luck!
Posted on 2004-02-12 04:24:29 by masquer
Thanks for your good words,

I would appreciate it if you could explain it more. May be a screenshot since I 've never used SourceInsight.


Posted on 2004-02-12 05:50:23 by akyprian
Thank you akyprian :alright:

a small bug I have found, is that when I change the ID of a control, it is not reflected in the TreeView.

a suggestion (not very important)
could you increment the ID number when I add a control inside a dialog
because all the controls have the same ID 1001, I never use the Name field
Posted on 2004-02-12 19:00:42 by Jnrz
Hi Jnrz,

Thanks for the small bug and the suggestion.


Posted on 2004-02-13 02:36:40 by akyprian
Hello, akyprian

I position cirsor on the LoadJob text on the screenshot, hope the idea is clear now.
You can download SourceInsight here - www.sourceinsight.com, it's about 3,5 Mb to download, try it, I hope you can get some ideas from.
Posted on 2004-02-13 10:57:57 by masquer
Hi masquer,

Thanks very much for the info. I'll see how this could be implemented. It shouldn't be difficult.


Posted on 2004-02-14 00:32:26 by akyprian