Hi mrgone,

I have a couple of ideas, I have to do some testing but I should be able to come up with something in the way of a demo code. Have you thouht about only responding to accelerator keys ? That way you can control the key presses and just lock the edit control completely. For example if you lock the edit control until a certain hotkey is pressed then it is unlocked you would be able to control the editing operation completely.

BTW my apps are designed to be GUI apps from the ground up and are not a benchmark for anyone to aim for. I just like the GUI stuff so I concentrate alot on that. But inreality it's mostly just eye-candy, bells and whistles but no real substance.
Posted on 2004-02-14 14:25:05 by donkey
I saw the comments and they said it was a good idea. If you say not low level as in digging in hardware I'll go along with that. No I wish my stuff looked and worked like yours. Hey do you mind if I E-mail you. I could use your touch on this program and who knows it might be worth something. I would think the ability to search memory and edit it could be a valuable programmer tool. Of course it would have to be posted here maybe before you might want to or not dress it up real nice. Just a thought but I consider you a heavy hitter in Windows programming and I have alot to learn. I'm a hardware engineer so I shoot for the hardware naturally.
Posted on 2004-02-14 18:18:14 by mrgone
Hi mrgone,

Yeah, I have no problem with doing a GUI for it, I don't really need the code right away as I am kind of in the middle of a few things but I have always had ideas of how memory *should* be represented graphically. No app that I know of really does it well though there are probably a few I haven't seen. I always picture it as a sort of heirarchical structure which lends itself to the treeview. Memory is devided by functionality and when you open a section in the treeview a list of addresses appears, click on the address and view/edit the memory in a richedit type hex editor. The graphic should instantly fill you in on particulars about the address range, for example is it readonly/readwrite/executable etc.. Just an idea but as I say I have little time to work on it right away.
Posted on 2004-02-14 19:35:43 by donkey