I have both tapi.hlp and mmedia.hlp files from the SDK, but I really really would like the .cnt (contents) files for them, it would make navigating through them so mush easier. Can anyone forward them to me? Also be sure to say what you might need, I just might have it!
Posted on 2001-11-02 16:14:03 by stevkoch
Hmm... hlp files don't help me much here, I have them for CHM, however... in fact, just got a new August 2001 shipment from the MSDN Universal subscription... I might be mistaken, but you can download them for free from the MS web site, as well... as for the hlp and cnt files, I don't have... (unless they shipped with Delphi/C++Builder 5 -- I'll look tonight)...

Posted on 2001-11-02 16:35:27 by _Shawn