I'm trying to rescue an installation and data for someone. The hard drive is basically fried, but some files can be accessed.

When I try to copy the entire partition, DataLifeguard locks up. When I boot into Windows 95 (OSR2) to backup the data, it locks up.

Actually, it tries reading, and re-reading, and re-reading.

How do I set the retry count to zero, so it bypasses erroneous data? Give it a rest Windows, you can't read that sector. Move on!!

Or is there a program that will do copy the partition from DOS bypassing sector errors?

Scandisk is locking up too.
Posted on 2004-02-15 18:19:13 by V Coder
Try to write a little DOS programm that to read HD via BIOS INT 13h and to write sectors somewhere on another partition. This may help.
Posted on 2004-02-15 18:52:32 by JohnFound
Basically, is there a Windows Registry setting that controls the number of retries? Can anyone tell me what it is?

Posted on 2004-02-15 19:12:03 by V Coder