Hi All....I think Everybody know how to Get Path Name and File Name
With the Help of API's....

But how to do it without the Help of API....?
Ya, We can do it by digging thru the Stacks & Environment database it self...
Here the program......

NOTE:->ONLY WORKS on 9X systems
Posted on 2004-02-18 11:40:13 by zakham
How about approaching the question like this?

FS -> Thread Information Block

30h -> ??? process database
10h -> ???
3Ch -> unicode string with drive, path and filename

MOV EAX, FS:[30h]
MOV EAX, [EAX + 10h]
MOV EAX, [EAX + 3Ch]
Posted on 2004-02-19 13:35:48 by Cuby