I want to test "WinASM" , but when I run it , I got :

CodeHi.dll not found. Please, make sure it is placed in the application's directory.

and how to get it ? Thanks!
Posted on 2004-02-19 11:37:57 by o2y
When installing WinASM the first time, you need the complete pack. Look here: http://www.asmcommunity.net/board/index.php?topic=16869

Updates contain - mostly - only the file WinAsm.EXE. This file needs to be copied to your WinASM folder -> Update done ;)

Regards, Pegasus
Posted on 2004-02-19 11:56:05 by cu.Pegasus
cu.Pegasus:Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

Posted on 2004-02-19 12:32:15 by o2y

I highly recommend you download "WinAsm V3.0.0.3 Full Package" from my site (it is working now). It contains all latest additions/corrections/updates.


Posted on 2004-02-20 00:27:10 by akyprian
Thanks to akyprian, I had got the package:

WinAsm V3.0.0.3 Full Package

best regards.
Posted on 2004-02-20 04:01:57 by o2y