Is it possible to Wipe out the Dos Stub Program from the PE-Header and Insert Our own code there.?
For eg: Creating a Password Security to it.
When ever prgm starts it must be Re-directed to this code to Work First...?!!
Any thing which gives more Information about this subject is invited..

One More Qstn..
Besides the EXE....What would be the Structure of Normal Word files and other files?
Is there any standard to these files,which is relevant to us (programmers)?
Posted on 2004-02-20 18:01:22 by zakham
Forget about the DOS stub, add a new PE section to the PE file, and change entrypoint. Useless without encryption of the main app based on the password, though.

As for word files... forget about it :) - it's a proprietary and largely undocumented format.
Posted on 2004-02-20 18:27:50 by f0dder
I have this very old project, not complete.
Posted on 2004-02-20 21:57:03 by comrade
Thanks F0dder and Comrade
Posted on 2004-02-22 11:11:22 by zakham
What would be the Structure of Normal Word files and other files?

What are you planning to do with Word format? I have a library to working with without MS Word installed, in case you interesting.
I agree with f0dder - it is very complicated and undocumented format.
Posted on 2004-02-23 06:38:26 by masquer